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Some of our services:

- The Golden's working  .. obbidience basic lessons,the right way to enter your  puppy in the his/her  new home  , ,ring  training and the possibility to take out from  your Golden the  innate attitude that characterize the Golden  ... to RETRIEVE,the  complicity and the desaier of make you happy arriving at the possibility to partecipate together at RETRIEVER's competitions....!!!! Alwayse with a lot of serenity and happiness 


- The GROOMING   specific for GOLDEN RETRIEVER ,in add at the obiddience training of your dog to partecipate at working and expo  competitions , it is necessary prepare the dog in his  beauty  shape to exalte  and give importance at the morphology , to do that it is necessary  grooming the dog following the breed canon .... but the specific golden grooming it is suitable just to keep tide and clean your GOLDEN friend !!!... ..



- the  PENSION for the OUR GOLDENS , in all the different situations that the owners have to go away without your fantastic dog ..  for ex .. a far holiday , a sudden  obbligation  ext.....we give the possibility to you and to our Golden to be  in a very good and safety  accomodation .. from us , where they borned  and with a fantastic friendship   our big LEONGOLDEN family... mamm , dad,brothers and sisters , grandmother or grandfather ecc... they will have the possibility to be in a natural ambient , that it is different form the life at home with all your attentions  but  that doesn't means that it coulden't  be an also good situation .. because in the LEONGOLDEN house .. they  can feel sentiment of  competitions, collaboration with theyer similar golden dog  and if you need  you can ask to us and in that  period  we can   resolve some little problems  that at home you are not able to find a solution .. so we can  in the same time take care of your child with coat and give education,rules, but all with LOVE !!!!!     


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